Peter & Justin, The Wedding
Sep 16, 2017, 12:00 PM
Pine Creek Ranch
Can you make it?




The boys met on 12/13/14 through their mutual friend Davey and hit it off right away. Justin thought Peter was sweet and quite handsome. Peter thought Justin was cute, fun, and hilarious AF. They started doing everything together in Portland: eating at their favorite Indian restaurant, Bollywood Theater, loitering in the parks, people-watching, and generally having a gay old time about it. Peter started staying at Justin and Fiona’s house more than he stayed at his own, so they decided to really make a go of it with a place of their own. Who’d have thought that finding a decent apartment in downtown Portland on the combined salaries of a retail sales associate and a childcare provider would be so tough?!


In the summer of 2015, the boys decided to move to Justin’s hometown of Boise. They’d each been in Portland about a year and, though it was a wonderful experience, it was time to move on. They found work and a place to stay (thanks, Alex!). Pretty soon they had saved enough to put a deposit on a great two bedroom apartment in the East Foothills.

Then, on Valentine’s Day, 2016, into their lives wiggled the newest member of the family... Justin took Peter on a date to the Idaho Humane Society and, with no previous intention of doing so, they fell in love with a freakin’ chihuahua. That teeny tiny little baby puppy dog’s name is Inigo, and he’s been brightening their lives ever since.


In early October, 2016, the boys decided to take a little retreat to the mountains. They booked a cabin in Idaho City for the night and made reservations at a fancy hot springs resort. On the way there, they pulled off onto a side road to a wonderful meadow and enjoyed a picnic before their day of soaking. It was there, among the smoked salmon, berries, and surprise box of roses, that Justin proposed to Peter (finally).


Since then, they’ve purchased a home, remodeled it with the help of Justin’s moms Kimi and Anne (let’s be real, the boys helped a little), and are now living very happily in the North End of Boise.






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The ceremony is a roughly 40 minute drive from downtown Boise, including some dirt road. Please drive carefully on these mountain roads! Due to limited parking, we'll be arranging carpools from a parking lot on Grimes Creek Road, a few miles from the ceremony. We'll send details before the event.


If you're coming from out of town, we recommend finding Airbnb rentals or checking out the Red Lion Hotel in Boise for affordable and good quality rooms.





Gifts for our recently purchased home or help with travel for the honeymoon are greatly appreciated. If you don't have money for a big, fancy gift, don't worry! We promise we love you for you and your presence will be a great gift.

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Share your excitement and find other guests' experiences on

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